Source control of priority substances in Europe

The overall objective of this project has been to support the implementation process for the Water Framework Directive (WFD) by providing guidelines and decision support tools for the management of priority pollutants (PP). The following activities has been part of the project:

  • Material flow analysis for selected priority pollutants has been conducted.
  • Available and emerging measures and management options for PPs has been evaluated.
  • A decision support tool for identification and selection of relevant measures on European, national and regional level has been developed.
  • Potential measures have been evaluated by applying the decision support tools in case studies.
  • Action plans, i.e. river basin management plans, has been developed involving key stakeholders in the process (industries, authorities, citizens, NGOs).
  • Results have continuously been disseminated to relevant stakeholders and the project has interacted with industrial organisations, research networks, authorities and NGOs throughout the project.

The cooperation with the industrial sector, the different authorities and other stakeholders have ensured the relevance of basic data collection, as well as the applicability, acceptance and relevance of the results from this project.

Download the SOCOPSE brochure - Decreasing European Water Pollution (pdf)

Updated: 2009-12-17
Topics addressed: FP6-2005-Global-4, Topic: II. 3.1 Source control of priority substances
Project duration: 2006-2009
Contract no.: 037038
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